Armed with a spy camera and posing as a school teacher, filmmaker Lea Rekow secretly crossed the border of Thailand into Burma to document the startling resilience of the Burmese people who live under the rule of a corrupt junta. "A Long Struggle" documents the impact of landmines and the government's use of forced labor, torture, rape and drugs on the various ethnic minorities that continue to survive in the South East region of Burma. Traveling through the jungle, sometimes perilously close to enemy fire, Rekow has collected the stories of every day people inside Burma – an all but lost people who would ordinarily rarely be able to tell their stories to the outside world.


SCREENING: Cal Arts, Los Angeles, October 10 - 17, 2007

SCREENING: Lens Politica film and media art festival, Helsinki, March 2007

SCREENING: Taipei International Film Festival 2007

SCREENING: 6th Watch Docs Human Rights International Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland, December 8 -17 2006

SCREENING: OCT 20 2006: One World Film Festival, Ottawa, Canada - with Friends of Burma panel


OFFICIAL SELECTION 2006 Tribeca Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION Palm Springs International Film Festival

2006 LAWTHER/GRAFF AWARD Ann-Arbor film festival